Creating win-win deals with Procurement Professionals

Can you remember a time when you were working on a sales opportunity that could take your business to the next level of growth? The Decision Maker was close to agreeing terms with you at a price you believe everyone could all work with. But just as you’re about to announce the deal, you get an email saying, “you’ll just need to get this past Procurement and then we’re all good”. Your heart sinks! The last time this happened the deal collapsed and six months of sales effort went down the drain.
Negotiating with Procurement is completely different:
- They have different objectives and motivations
- They are trained Negotiators
- You need to learn new skills and tools to help you level the playing the field and create win-win deals.

I developed this online course to give you the tools and techniques to win more deals and make more money when negotiating with Procurement. Once Mastered, you can use these tools to re-frame your discussions with Procurement and get the win-win outcome you want.

A free guide to negotiating better commercial deals with Procurement professionals

Closing a deal with Procurement can be a brutal experience! Download this free guide for insights and tactics to help you win more deals.

Course overview: An introduction to all the topics covered in this Procurement Negotiation course

This is a free overview explaining the >6,000% ROI and sales transformation you can achieve from taking all the modules in this course. 

My entire Procurement course in a BUNDLED OFFER

This is a special offer including all the course modules, check-lists and tools with a massive 43% discount on list price.
View bundle £437

Module 1: How to make Procurement an Ally, not the Enemy

Critical insights into the objectives and motivations of Procurement and explanations about how it's not all about price - don't miss this.

Module 2: Procurement as part of your sales cycle PLUS when is a saving not a saving?

All about what happens when you meet Procurement in the sales cycle, handling RFPs and deep insights into the mystical "Savings" issue.
View course £127

Module 3: How to negotiate with Procurement (a step-by-step guide) PLUS downloadable tools

A comprehensive guide to planning and running your negotiation - this is a "must do" module for anyone selling to Procurement Professionals.
View course £187

Module 4: A case study of what can happen when you negotiate with Procurement professionals and how to get a better deal

What can really happen when Procurement get involved, key lessons learnt and how to avoid losing over £10,000 at the negotiating table.

Module 5: A summary of all the Lessons Learnt from my Procurement course

A summary of my entire course on winning more deals with Procurement. I STRONGLY recommend you buy this only as part of the Bundled Offer.
View course £307


"I’d absolutely recommend Mike to anyone facing a tough negotiation with Procurement - he is unquestionably experienced, challenging and always there to support you."
Stephen Cribbett
“Learning to love procurement’ was a day well spent. It really helped me to start to think about buyers in a more constructive, empathetic way. I don’t doubt for one second that I’ll make back the course fee soon, and then some. A great investment and a good day too”
Andy Hayes
“Anyone who thought a day focused on procurement is effectively a day less to live is in for a big surprise. 
Getting Mike’s insight, knowledge and darned good advice is like unpicking a treasure trove. I guarantee everyone around the room will improve their business next time they engage with procurement – which may be sooner than they would have expected before the course!
Thank you Mike and please stop running more courses; so we attendees have an advantage over those who haven’t been so inspired!”
Alan Cooper

Hi, I'm Mike Lander, CEO of Piscari and your course leader

I work with SMEs to help them win more deals with Procurement Professionals in large companies during a sales cycle.
• 34 years' experience as a Procurement Professional, corporate citizen and running my own SMEs
•Acquired my first company in 2006 with £3m unsecured debt, grew it to £20m revenue, 120 consultants, £4m EBITDA
•Procurement Director running >£200m of spend
•Managing Partner for a specialist Procurement Consultancy
•Advisor in all things Procurement.

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